Sponsor millions of micro-influencers & consumers.

They will fall in love with your brand.

Your customers aren’t eyeballs, data-points, ’users’ or look-alikes. They are human beings. Convert them into your biggest advocates.


The8 Delivers.

Greater ROI

Run campaigns with the confidence that you will deliver with greater ROI than digital media.

Organic content

Get quality content made by creators at scale, and delivered everywhere you need it.

Measurable sales

Every participant receives a personalized, shareable code. Your fans become your biggest sales channel. We report performance on views, clicks, downloads and conversions. Take control.

Get greater ROI vs. your current digital buys.

Our end-to-end system delivers your offers directly to users, bypassing the middlemen, providing you a significant improvement on your bottom line versus traditional CPM models.

Our database of 11 million powerful Influencers can support your campaigns.

Harness the power of influencers to drive awareness & sales. Our database provides highest quality metrics and audience data on 11 Million influencers (and counting).

Build thousands of affiliates who promote and sell your product.

We use data to engage people at scale. They share personalized codes with their friends and followers, we track engagement and deliver sales. Our micropayment engine puts money in their pockets and gives you results.

Powerful, direct to consumer campaigns reach over 50 million people via our App Network.

Through our lightweight SDK, we serve sponsorship offers directly to your customer base through the apps they use today.

Organic content from people who love your brand. The quality of this will blow your mind.

People who love your brand are the best advocate you have. Let them amplify your messaging.

Complete brand safety at every point.

Your brand has full approval of all content—whether it is an influencer, micro-influencer or consumer. Additionally we run analysis on everyone receiving the offers. We make sure you are in good hands.


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